Trust. Seriousness. Work.

These are the three elements that have inspired us in the last 4 decades to make the transition to one of the largest paper and cardboard producers in Romania. The trust of our partners in the products of VRANCART SA, the seriousness with which we treated the investments in high-performance equipment and teamwork are the major objectives that we will permanently maintain at the highest levels.

The VRANCART GROUP has been active in the Romanian market through its companies – Vrancart S.A., Rom PAPER, Vrancart Recycling and the ECOREP GROUP – in complex fields, managing to integrate in its production cycle paper and cardboard waste, and transform it into finite products.

Vrancart S.A.  (VNC), a company with tradition founded in 1977, is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (2005), its main shareholders being S.I.F. BANAT-CRISANA S.A. and PAVAL Holding S.R.L.

With over 40 years of experience, VRANCART S.A., has continuously proven its involvement in environmental activities by developing its collection, recycling, production and services capabilities, thus becoming one of the main players in the market offering integrated services, to bring packaging waste back to life.

Vrancart S.A., is one of the main players in the corrugated cardboard and sanitary paper market in Romania, managing to develop the following guidelines through strategic investments:

  • The production of paper for corrugated cardboard exclusively from cardboard waste;
  • The production of sanitary paper from both: recycled wastepaper, as well as cellulose (starting with 2021);
  • The production of corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard packaging through its Adjud, Călimănești and Ungheni workstations;
  • The collection of waste packaging at national level through its 19 collection points;
  • The sale and service of waste pressing and collection equipment, starting with 2021. Vrancart S.A. is a unique distributor of KADANT PAAL and PRESTO equipment in Romania, providing a wide variety of balers, press containers and stationary compactors.

ROM PAPER, the company with VRANCART S.A. as the main shareholder since 2017, is one of the most important producers of sanitary paper in Romania. The products provided by ROM PAPER are 100% Romanian and have a wide applicability for home, industrial and HoReCa use. The products are sold nationally and internationally, including its own brands - Mototol and Papely, as well as private label products.

VRANCART Recycling, an essential part of the VRANCART Group, was established as a vital requirement for the recyclable waste collection division within VRANCART S.A.. Currently, the company is developing a strategic investment, in excess of 17 million euros, in order to achieve new recycling processes for packaging waste, complementary to those currently recycled, such as the recycling of plastic and wood waste, the production of moulded products from paper and cardboard waste, the recycling of industrial ash and the energy recovery of industrial residue.

The ECOREP GROUP S.A., a member of the VRANCART Group, implements the extended liability of the producer based on the operating License no. 14 of May 2021, issued by the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, starting with 2021. The ECOREP GROUP S.A. ensures the fulfilment of companies’ legal obligations regarding reaching the recycling and recovery objectives of packaging waste introduced on the national market, being an essential part of the circular economy concept.

Through all the activities it carries out in the Romanian market, the VRANCART Group has assumed a direct involvement in the sustainable development of the circular economy, being a direct supporter of the local industry.

VRANCART Certifications

Certificările obținute de VRANCART demonstrează nivelul calității produselor și serviciilor noastre. Astfel, în prezent, VRANCART SA Adjud are implementat și certificat, de către firma Lloyd`s Register Quality Assurance, un sistem integrat de Management Calitate, Mediu și Sănătate și Securitate în Muncă, în conformitate cu cerintele ISO 9001/2015, ISO 14001/2015 si ISO 45001/2018.

Din octombrie 2014, Vrancart SA deține certificatul pentru lanțul de custodie FSC®, cod: TSUD-COC-000310, iar în octombrie 2019 am obținut recertificarea sistemului de management FSC ®, în conformitate cu standardul FSC-STD-40-004, V3-0 si FSC-STD-40-007, V2-0, care este valabil până în anul 2024.

În urma auditului din 29 aprilie 2020, Certificatul cod TSUD-COC-000310, revizie 1, emis în 22 iunie 2020 de TUV SUD Czech, cuprinde produsele: hârtie igienică semifabricat, hârtie pentru carton ondulat, carton ondulat și confecții din carton.

Vrancart Awards

Vrancart is a constant presence in the Top of Romanian Companies obtaining, the 1st place in 2018 and 2019 in the category of very large enterprises in the field of manufacturing paper and corrugated cardboard and paper and cardboard packaging


VRANCART has established its integrated management system policy regarding quality, environment, occupational health and safety in accordance with the requirements of the related integrated system.
The policy contains the commitment of the top management and the general objectives of the company


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